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Our Story

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hi, i'm charlee!

I'm the owner of Honey Bear Wax Co.

I’m a Jersey girl, born and raised, but I’ve called Colorado home since 2018.

I'm a former high school English teacher turned creative entrepreneur, which makes sense: I grew up in a small business-owning family, which is where my drive and passion were certainly born. 

In 2018, I quit my job at a natural health office to open my own business, and I am - and will forever be - so grateful for the opportunity that the mom-trepreneurship hustle has given me: to stay home with my son while working to support our little family.

In my free time, I enjoy building, doing home projects, and being creative in so many other ways – I’m a girl of many hobbies. I’m also a single mom, so time that's "mine" is fairly limited, as any mom knows. I especially love planning road trips and experiencing new places: one day I’d like to spend a few months traveling the US and Canada with my son (and our 75-lb. Malamute, Rosie, of course).

how did you get into wax products?

Candles have always been high up on my list. I'm a fairly tomboy-ish person at heart -- I work on and offroad my '99 Jeep Cherokee and also just love to get dirty and do all the outdoor things. However, I'm also realllllly hyper organized and love to home-make: making things smell good was always one of my favorite parts of that territory. 


I experimented for a long time making my own candles because I wanted the luxury scents without the toxins, and couldn't stomach a designer price tag for something releasing carcinogens into my home just because it was cute and smelled nice -- especially on a single mom budget.

After making my own for a while and sharing them with other people, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I realized that I had all the tools to make a natural wax company work while still raising and supporting a toddler on my own. 


The mission to develop lushly scented and consciously crafted wax products set me on fire (no pun, I promise), appealing to my health-conscious and entrepreneurial passions. With some encouragement from friends, Honey Bear Wax Co. just sort of happened and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Candle in Glass Jar
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